Europe Direct North Aegean provides you with the most recent European news. We also organize and participate in activities and events concerning the E.U.

Europe Direct North Aegean was founded in January 2013 and operated under the auspices of the European Commission.

The office’s host organization is the University of the Aegean.

It constitutes part of a pan-European network which numbers about 500 centers in 28 Member States, out of which 18 are located in Greece.

The information network of EUROPE DIRECT centers is one of the main tools of the European Union to inform European citizens about the E.U., in particular as regards their rights and the strengthening of the citizen’s participation in E.U. policies, in a local or regional level. The office provides the citizens of the North Aegean with services tailored to the local and regional needs, through which the public can obtain information, advice, assistance and answers to questions on the E.U., its legislation, policies, programs and funding opportunities. The mission of EDICs is informative, aiming to promote active citizenship.

Their purpose is to form lines of communication with all European institutions and to support and complement the work of the Delegations of the European Commission and the European Parliament Information Office in the member states, at a local and a regional level. They work under the Directorate General of Communication of the E.U. and under the coordination and supervision of the European Commission Representation in each Member – State.

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