Europe Direct Information Center of North Aegean (EDIC Of North Aegean) was established in January 2013 and operates under the auspice of the European Commission where its office is hosted by the University of the Aegean, located in the city of Mytilene.

Scientific Director of Europe Direct of North Aegean is Professor of the University of the Aegean, Panos Grigoriou and holder of European Chair Jean Monnet.

It is part of a pan-European network of approximately 500 centers in 28 Member States out of which 18 are located in Greece. Europe Directs are under the General Management of the European Union Communication Department (EU) and under the coordination and supervision of the delegated European Commission in each Member State.

Mission & Goals

Europe Direct of North Aegean is a communication channel of the local community with all the EU institutions and aims to promote the European Dimension of the Region of the North Aegean as well as to support and disseminate the work of the Representation of the European Commission and the Office Information of the European Parliament in Greece. A well-informed citizen is the best partner of a democratic and effective European Union.


The information concerns all North Aegean citizens of all age groups on issues of European interest, services tailored to local and regional needs and answers to questions about the EU, especially in the areas that impact on citizens’ everyday lives, such as on youth, education, culture, environment and European programs.


Organization of information events, exhibitions, workshops and seminars on topical issues in cooperation with specialized agencies addressed either to the general public or to special populations (unemployed, young people, students, professionals, businesses, cooperatives etc.)

Regular collaboration with local media aimed at informing citizens through radio and television broadcasts, press releases, and so on.

Information through printed and electronic material coming from the EU institutions.

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